Pupils learn the effects of bullying

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Police in Morley have been educating school children about diversity and equality to mark Anti Bullying Week.

PC Kelly Stow visited East Ardsley Primary School to chat to Year Five pupils on bullying and the effect it can have on its victims.

Focusing on respect for individuals regardless of age, race, religion, disability or gender, the presentation centred around the message, ‘We should treat each other the same no matter how different we are.’

PC Stow said: “The presentation was about strands of diversity and the types of bullying that there are. I talked about cyber bullying and asked some of the pupils questions on what they knew about it.

“One of the key messages was that if bullying goes too far, the police will get involved.”

A recent survey revealed that 93-per-cent of UK school pupils said that bullying occurred in their school.