Queenswood pupils get award from Unicef

Queenswood School has been recognised by Unicef for its humanitarian work. 'Picture Ref: AB544a1115
Queenswood School has been recognised by Unicef for its humanitarian work. 'Picture Ref: AB544a1115

There are some very proud members of staff and pupils at Queenswood School after they were given a very special award from the world’s leading children’s charity.

They received the Unicef UK Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) for their work on the principals of equality, dignity, respect, non-discrimination and participation.

Headteacher Julie Tanner said: “In school we have had a pupil steering group who have short-listed some of the UN Convention articles for the children to vote on and select four rights as the basis of our own charter, observed by everyone in the school community.”

Pupils selected:

•The right to be protected from all harm, violence, abuse and to be kept safe.

•The right to reach their potential, to learn and develop.

•The right to have their voices heard – their opinions are listened to and taken seriously.

•All rights apply equally to children of every race, culture, gender,religion, without exception.

Mrs Tanner said: “We have had special assemblies and lessons which have looked in detail at the convention and the articles to see how we are respecting the rights of children in Queenswood. “The children did their own audit and have shared their findings with each other and the school community. We also share these reflections with our partner schools and share what life is like in their countries: we have a full International Award from the British Council, so this work and these awards go hand in hand.”

The school impressed and satisfied Unicef and they are now proceeding to another level of the award in the New Year.

Mrs Tanner said: “It has been a privilege working with the children and hearing their thoughts about school and their experiences- both the children in Queenswood and wider afield. I look forward to further work on this anddeveloping our Rights Respecting awareness even more.”

Kathy Allan, the NE representative for Unicef, in an email to the school, said: “Congratulations to all the young people and adults concerned at Queenswood School on achieving a Recognition of Commitment. The progress the school has made since registering looks fantastic.”