Reggae vocalist to release new record

NEW ALBUM Adele Harley's Timeless is out next month.
NEW ALBUM Adele Harley's Timeless is out next month.

A Batley-based reggae singer with an international audience is about to release her second album.

Adele Harley’s new LP, Timeless, will be available on October 6, following radio airplay both here and in America for her previous record and EP.

Her style of commercial reggae has proved a hit since she was discovered back in the days of MySpace.

A watershed moment in her career came this summer when she played the Batley Frontier with reggae stalwart Kevin Anthony Jackson, better known as Sanchez.

She said: “I was really excited that he was playing Batley, then the promoters rang up and asked if I wanted to support him.”

And Adele took part in the We Love Batley event that was held last month to show the strength and spirit of the town.

“It was a really nice family day for Batley,” she said.

Adele said that she often plays at reggae carnival events in West Yorkshire as well as on mixed line-up gig to try to bring her music to a wider audience.

“You never know what to expect from audiences and people don’t expect to hear me do reggae at first,” she said.

“Sometimes, when they aren’t used to it they like the cover versions that I perform.

“But I am trying to get more support slots with the bigger reggae acts to try to build my audience.”

The launch party for the new album will take place at the Ivory Bar in Thornton Road, Bradford, on October 11.

The record will include, five covers and 10 originals, with instrumentals by producers Mafia and Fluxy, and lyrics and melodies written and performed by Adele.