Relieving yourself in a Leeds street? You’ll have to clean it up yourself

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Revellers caught urinating in the street on nights out in Leeds will be forced to clean up after themselves in a new crackdown.

Those spotted relieving themselves in doorways and alleyways will be put to work with Leeds City Council cleaners at grime hotspots.

Temporary Inspector Andy Berriman, of the city neighbourhood policing team, said: “We get complaints from businesses and from residents fed up of people urinating where they live.

“You see people doing their business in alleyways all the time. We don’t want to criminalise people for low level problems but, equally, we don’t want them to continue.

“There’s hundreds of bars in Leeds. Why on earth do you need to urinate in the street?”

It is not a criminal offence in itself to urinate in public, but offenders face possible action – and a criminal record – under public order laws.

Under the new scheme, culprits will be told they can avoid further punishment if they accept a ‘community resolution’ to do two hours of work with the council’s cleansing department. Two men who were caught in the act earlier this month will be the first to carry out a clean-up on Sunday.

A council spokesman said: “We’re pleased to support the police in taking tough action on those behaving unacceptably and using the streets of Leeds as a place to relieve themselves.

“The council is currently providing equipment and advising on the best sites for this new initiative to take place and we hope the prospect of scrubbing the streets will act as an appropriate deterrent.”