Residents concerns over “industrial estate” street

Topcliffe Lane
Topcliffe Lane

A group of residents on a Morley street say they are “fed up” of being forced to live on what they claim is effectively an “industrial estate”.

Homeowners on Topcliffe Lane, which runs into the A650 from Glen Road, have raised issues of noise pollution, the absence of an enforced speed limit and damage to their utilities with manufacturing and haulage companies situated on the other side of the road, but claim they are being ignored.

Around 80 businesses operate from one side of the street, and face around half that number of houses.

Residents claim that they are often woken in the early hours of the morning by heavy goods vehicles starting their engines, and that several lamposts and garden walls have been smashed by HGVs.

They say problems have been raised with various authorities but the complainants, who wish to remain anonymous, say they are passed from one party to another without success.

One woman, who has lived on the street for 30 years said the situation had rapidly deteriorated over the last four years.

She said: “We’re just fed up and don’t know where we need to go to get help. When we raise complaints directly with the businesses, they generally tend to be dismissive, or they will do something about it before returning to their old ways a few months later.

Another said: “We don’t have anything against the principle of them doing business. I think it’s great that they provide jobs and employment for Morley but we need our rights to be respected at the same time.”

A spokesperson for on company on Topcliffe Lane, J Kellett Foods said that they had received complaints but that they had successfully reconciled the issue with the authorities.

He said: “I haven’t had any complaints for about 12 months. There was one complaint directly to the council so I liaised with them and took the steps necessary to resolve the issue.

“We deliver bread and milk to schools round Morley. We now no longer do early morning or weekend deliveries as a result and we don’t do any deliveries until 9am. At the request of one resident I’ve asked my workers to turn off the refrigerated motors when they’re unloading the delivery on Topcliffe Lane. Unfortunately, because it’s bread and milk they have to keep turning them back on - otherwise they would go stale.

“I moved the business at great expense to myself and changed the structure of the business 12 months ago. The council are happy with what I’ve done and are content that there’s no wrongdoing on our part.

“I know some of the residents and they’re very nice people.”

A spokesman for Gowers Furniture Limited said that he was unaware of any complaints made against the Morley branch of the company, situated on that street.