Residents warned of ‘accident claim’ bogus callers

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Residents are being warned to be vigilant against bogus callers posing as Leeds City Council officers, attempting to obtain personal information over the telephone.

The bogus callers state they are calling regarding an accident claim made by the householder, and to proceed they will require specific personal details. In some instances, callers have claimed details have been passed to them by the NHS.

Staff from the council’s insurance team would not normally ring a resident and request personal information over the phone, with regards to an accident claim. A phone call would never be made to a resident requesting such details without prior contact having been made first. Under no circumstances, would the council ring on behalf of another organisation such as the NHS to request additional details around an accident claim.

Only when a customer has initially applied for or contacted the council about a service, would personal information be requested from a resident in a phone call.

Members of the public who are unsure of any requests for personal data made by a caller purporting to be calling on behalf of Leeds City Council are advised to end the call immediately. Anyone who receives calls of the nature should contact the Action Fraud line on 0300 123 2040 or the police on their non-emergency 901 number.

Coun James Lewis, Leeds City Council’s executive member for resources and strategy said: “I am very concerned to hear cases where members of the public have received phone calls from individuals purporting to be from Leeds City Council, attempting to obtain personal information with regards to an accident claim they have never previously raised.

“It would not be normal practice for council officers to call residents unexpectedly requesting personal details over the phone. Officers would only be expected to conduct these discussions on the phone in response to an initial approach from a member of the public.

“If residents are contacted inappropriately, I would urge them to report this to the Action Fraud line or the police on their non-emergency 901 number.”