Roller derby makes its mark in Morley

Roller derby action in Morley.
Roller derby action in Morley.

The fast-paced sport of roller derby took Morley by storm recently, thanks to an afternoon of intense match action.

Aire Force One men’s team and the Leeds Roller Dolls women’s side both contested matches at Leeds Futsal Arena as part of the British Roller Derby Championships.

Roller derby is a fast-paced, full contact sport played on quad roller skates. It is predominantly played by females.

In a game each team fields a point-scoring skater (called a jammer) whose aim is to lap as many opposing skaters as they can.

The remaining skaters work to both block the opposing jammer, and clear a path for their own jammer to help them score points.

Aire Force One were in action first, taking on Grimsby’s Brothers Grim.

Aire Force One fought hard, putting on an impressive display but their opponents were always in front as they sealed a 259-120 victory.

The Roller Dolls team then took on the London Roller Girls’ Brawl Saints.

The teams were evenly-matched and the scores were tight, resulting in a nail-biting game for the spectators.

In the end though, despite a hard-fought battle from the Leeds outfit, the Londoners were victorious as they sealed a 171-113 win.

Adam Tomlinson, Aire Force One’s captain, said: “We are really proud to have hosted our first home game, it was an achievement and testament to the organisers that everything ran smoothly.”

Nina Bentley, Leeds Roller Dolls’ co-captain, said: “The day was brilliant and was a great display of combining the hard work of our team and Aire Force One.

“We fought a tough game and London gave us a great challenge.

“We are proud of our results and are feeling confident ahead of an upcoming tournament in Colorado next month.”

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