School insists pupils ‘not left hungry’

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Morley Academy has said it does not recognise the letter that was sent to the school’s hierarchy last month as “representative of the views of any groups of parents”.

Responding in writing to parents of pupils who put their names to the letter, which highlighted concerns about students having food taken from their lunchboxes on health grounds among other issues, principal Leanne Griffiths and executive principal Sir John Townsley said that the school “adhered to clear government requirements” on lunchtime policy.

The letter, to the parents, said: “We would never leave a child hungry and where prohibited items have been removed members of staff have always ensured that students have other items in their packed lunch to eat.”

Controversy surfaced when a previous letter stated that pupils could be banned from trips if parents posted derogatory comments about the school on social media.

The most recent letter read: “We recognise totally the legitimacy of any parent to express their views and concerns about any feature of life on social media, including the effectiveness of the Morley Academy. What we would recommend, however, is that where those concerns are significant that it would be sensible to contact the academy directly in order to discuss them. The clarification that you seek through social media often results in hearsay or inaccuracy sometimes resulting in greater frustration or concern.”