Slideshow: Pancake party shows off culinary skills

Children took to the kitchen to enjoy a traditional pancake party at Morley Community Church.

Under the supervision of experienced cooks, young teenagers spent a whole evening preparing, frying, tossing, and eating pancakes. They added to the fun of the evening by adding their own dressings to the pancakes including strawberries, bananas, chocolate spread, lemon, ice cream and golden syrup.

They enthusiastically devoured the results of their newly acquired culinary skills. However, some of their attempts at tossing the pancakes saw them end up on the floor.

Cairan Walker, 14, from Middleton Road said it had been a fun evening together with other young people.

He said: “ The school holidays can be boring with not much to do. I’ve never made pancakes for myself before and enjoyed pouring the batter, heating the pans, frying the pancakes, tossing and eating them.”

The evening was organised by Elisabet Suvanjeiev and Lina Horn, youth workers at Morley Community Church. They are developing friendships and activities for young people who live in South Morley and have little to do in their spare time.

They arranged the pancake party on a seasonal theme to capture the imagination of local young people and give them hands-on experience of food preparation. They were also able to explore with the young people the origins of pancake day and how the tradition has developed over the years.

The event is just one of a range of activities for young people being run by volunteers from Morley Community Church working in cooperation with Leeds Housing, neighbourhood and local schools.