Spartans are edged out by Sandal for Binks Trophy

Morley and Sandal Veterans after playing for the Binks Trophy. Picture: Dennis Elam
Morley and Sandal Veterans after playing for the Binks Trophy. Picture: Dennis Elam

Morley RFC’s veterans team – the Spartans – played Sandal at Scatcherd Lane in the third annual Binks Trophy game.

Each team had previously won, but this time Sandal deservedly took the honours by a 17-5 score.

Both teams played attractive open rugby in the warm sunshine in front of a large and appreciative crowd.

Sandal cleverly exploited their more cohesive team play to score three well worked tries.

However, Morley kept going and scored a fine back row try from Anth Marsh.

Sandal were clearly tiring and Morley were definitely in the ascendency in the final quarter.

A few more hours and Morley might have snatched the game, but Colin Tovey called the match to halt to enable oxygen to brought on and Sandal were worthy victors.

Sponsor and Morley RFC stalwart Richard D Binks made the presentation to a fatigued Paul “Stick” Stewart.

The post-match dinner was well attended with almost 70 people sitting down to eat, drink and get their breath back.

Match organiser and the Spartans manager Tim Calverley made the opening speech. Paul Stewart was helped to his feet and responded eventually. He announced to a spell-bound audience that he was finally hanging up his boots – he had played his last match.

Finally, guest speaker Trevor Barker was persuaded to stand. A former teacher, tour organiser, coach, after-dinner speaker and future committee man, he brought proceedings to an end with a witty speech.

The raffles, donations and fines were all donated to Half Acres Young People’s Charitable Foundation as the players, friends and supporters all found their way into the bar to talk about matches from long ago.

Next year’s match will be held at Sandal and Morley will attempt to regain the trophy.