Speed reduced near schools

20mph zone sign
20mph zone sign

Speed limits are to be cut on roads around three of the area’s primary schools.

Streets around Blackgates, Westerton and Thorpe primary schools are to be turned into 20 miles per hour zones as part of council plans to reduce limits on roads where speeding has been identified as a problem.

It follows an ongoing police operation which has seen a number of speed checks carried out near schools in Morley, with a number of drivers being warned over their speeds.

Coun Jack Dunn welcomed the move, saying: “It’s good news and I think it’s long-awaited. When you listen to parents in the area many of them feel that speeding outside of school entrances is a problem, so this will hopefully slow down traffic near schools.”

The overall programme for the city is due to be completed by around 2020, depending on the level of funding allocated for such projects.

A spokesman for Leeds City Council said: “Making the roads around our schools safe for all road users and pedestrians is something we take extremely seriously and any accident is one too many.

“The council has been introducing 20mph schemes, concentrating on areas around schools with higher child pedestrian activity and a casualty record, and this has had a marked impact on reducing accidents.

“We have currently put a total of 93 20mph schemes in place across the city and will continue to roll this programme out on a phased basis.”