Sssnakes alive, Saffron leaves Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model

Saffron Williams, BINTM WK8
Saffron Williams, BINTM WK8

Batley girl Saffron Williams’ dreams of becoming Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model ended in heartbreak after she was eliminated in last night’s episode.

Despite an amazing photoshoot which drew praise from all three judges, Saffron did not make it through to the last seven.

Emma Ward - BINTM - Week 8

Emma Ward - BINTM - Week 8

But she was told by Elle Macpherson: “We are so proud of you and this is not the end of the road for you. There is so much for you to do.”

A tearful Saffron told the judges: “Thank you to you all. I feel a million times more confident now than when I came into the competition.”

She also won praise from Dannii Minogue who said: “I remember when I saw Saffron on day one and I said NO. But having seen her over the weeks I have fallen in love with her. She is so gorgeous, so nice and so beautiful.”

But the judges said at this stage of the competition they had to assess the contestants’ complete body of work when deciding who to eliminate.

Saffron, and Heckmondwike girl Emma Ward, who works in a Morley call centre, had to pose with snakes for this week’s photoshoot.

The theme was empowering women.

Neither girl was particularly scared of snakes, and Saffron even managed to keep her composure when hers drooled on to her arm.

“It was disgusting, but I’m glad it wasn’t wee! I would rather have dribble than we,” she said.

Emma also managed to keep her cool when her snake started hissing and coiling itself around her head.

“Every time I tried to move her, she just kept hissing at me. I think the nerves did get the better of me,” she said.

But the judges were really impressed with both the girls’ pictures, with Elle saying of Emma’s: “For me this is the picture of the week. I don’t think she has ever looked as beautiful.”