St John Fisher A Level results

A level results St John Fisher students 'Oliver McCormack and Lewis Boddy
A level results St John Fisher students 'Oliver McCormack and Lewis Boddy

Students from St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy have collected their A Level results. Subject passes are listed below, with ** denoting an A* grade and * an A grade.

G Abbott, eng, lw, med; A Naheem, it (D*), m, cy; A Akhtar, eng, eng lit, psy; S Ali, it (D*), a; N Aslam, fis, hs; L Asquith, it (D*); I Azam, it (D*), lw, a; M Badat, h, bs; J Banks, it (D*), sp st; S Baynes, eng, med, s; J Bedford, eng, a; G Berla, lw, bs, tex; J Binns, tex, hs, aps; E Bolton-Hardy, sp st; T Bottomley, sp st (D), ped, m; M Branham, h, psy, bi, gs; L Brook, it (D*), fis, med;

M Brooke, cy, m, fm; G Brookes, med, a, pd; D Brosnan, it (D*), fis, sp st (D*); J Burland, pd, fis, ped; J Carroll, gs, aps, lw, cy, bi; B Cox, it (D), sp st (D); S Doyle, tex, aps, hs; C Exley, hs, aps; M Farooq, it (D), fis, hs; R Farrar, eng, eng lit, med, rs; B Finlay, aps, a; G Finlay, hs, aps; N Flynn, it (D*), sp st; M Ginnelly, pd, a; S Graham, pd, fis (A), it (D*); L Guy, psy, lw, hs;

C Hall, sp st (D); S Halloran, sp st (D); N Hewitt, pd, m. sp st; O Hilton, h, lw; K Holderness, fis, cy, bi; S Holderness, it (D*) cy, rs; A Hussain, tex, h, rs; J Jelves, it (D*), aps, bi; C Jurban, it (D*), bs (A), cy; J Lane, it (D*), sp st; H Lee, gy, sp st; K Linley, eng, aps, rs; A Mahmood, aps, hs; K McGowan, sp st (D); O McGreevy, it (D), m, gy; L McLeavy, aps, hs; G Mirzazad, pd, med, a; S Musejee, eng, psy, eng lit; B Nicholson, eng, psy, med; S Pashley, eng, sp st (D); M Perks, bs, med, sp st (D); L Pollard, fs;A Prince, it (D); S Pyett, it (D*), tt, gy; M Richardson, it (D*), lw, cy; L Russell, eng, psy, med; J Saadeddin, it (D*), sp st (D); H Saville, it (D*), med, a; H Senior, eng, bs, a; M Senior, pd, fis, sp st (D); L Senior-Watson, ph, pd, a; A Shahid, tex, aps, hs; R Sharp, lw, med, tt (A), it (D*); A Smith, ph, bs, a; J Smith, pd, fis, med; G Speight, tex, hs, tt; D Stanger, it (D*), m, lw; S Sykes, h (A), lw, rs; H Tahir, eng, psy, cy; J Walker, it (D); W Warne, med, sp st; K Williams, h, eng, rs; S Williams, it (D*), fis, lw; R Windley, fm, m, med; A Yasin, it (D*), bs; S Zafar, bs, lw;