Stats see school surge into UK’s elite

Morley Academy
Morley Academy

Morley Academy has moved into the top five per cent of schools in the country, the Observer has learnt.

Students at the school performed almost a whole grade better on average in so-called core subjects in 2015, compared with schools elsewhere.

The school has attributed its success to a focus on English, maths, science, geography and history.

And the news is a welcome boost for the academy, which has come under heavy scrutiny in recent weeks after a dispute between the school’s leadership and some parents.

Head teacher Leanne Griffiths said: “I am incredibly proud of all of our students for performing so impressively in the summer examination series.

“There is no doubt that this performance is a result of hard work, fantastic learning partnerships, outstanding teaching and learning, and high quality pastoral care.

“At The Morley Academy we pride ourselves on our approach to personalisation; ensuring every student is treated as an individual and that marking, feedback and development points are closely tailored to students’ needs.

“I am thrilled that this high performance has given our students the opportunity to progress into post-16 education or in a high quality apprenticeship or employment with training.”

The school says that the early adoption of the government’s Progress 8 measure - a tracking device for individual student’s performance across eight subjects - has helped to inspire the new found success.

The measure is being introduced in schools across the UK this year but Morley Academy took on Progress 8 before exam season in 2014.

Although the government says that its policy of focusing on core subjects has resulted in improvement in education, some have argued that it has isolated students with artistic talent and resulted in schools becoming “exam factories”.