Stolen dog reunited with owner after six weeks

Christine Osborne, son Alfred and Snoopy.
Christine Osborne, son Alfred and Snoopy.

A puppy has been returned to its owner after being stolen from her car almost six weeks ago.

Snoopy, a nine-month-old French Bulldog, was snatched from Christine Osborne’s car at the White Rose Shopping Centre in Morley on December 31.

“I had locked it, but apparently one of the passenger locks at the back was defective,” she said. “He was in the front passenger seat and when I came back, his pillow was between the car seat and the door. I could visualise him being pulled out from the car.”

Christine had bought Snoopy just a month earlier after his first owners were unable to keep him. She had not realised how much people usually pay for the pedigree breed and the potential value Snoopy might hold for opportunistic thieves.

“I love him but not because of the breed or the cost,” she said.

Appeals were shared online by organisations including The Animal Team, but Christine had begun to give up hope.

“I was thinking maybe they’ve sold him on,” she said.

Spurred on by the charity, she made a final appeal for Snoopy’s safe return.

It resulted in information from a member of the public, which led police to the pet.

Officers found Snoopy safe and well, swiftly returning him to a delighted Christine and her two-year-old son, Alfred.

Christine, 38, said: “We were shouting his name. Snoopy was licking my face and saying hello. We were so happy.”

While social media helped to secure Snoopy’s return, Christine said owners making similar appeals should be cautious. She said some people had tried to get money or her address, claiming to have information.

Since the theft, Christine said she had been reluctant to take Snoopy out of the house. But last week she joined members of the French Bulldog Owners West Yorkshire group, who had helped in the search.

The group, meets at Roundhay Park on the first Sunday of every month.