Stolen rabbit found dead in street

Jean Bunting with her remaining rabbit Peter. (d303b426)
Jean Bunting with her remaining rabbit Peter. (d303b426)

A pet rabbit stolen from its hutch was found dead at the weekend.

The bunny, a six year old black and white female named Ellie, was presumed missing by its owner, Jean Bunting, on Saturday.

Mrs Bunting, 55, from Ackroyd Street, Morley, was woken by police at 2am after her neighbour reported seeing someone fleeing her backyard with a rabbit under their arm.

She said: “After the police visited, at around lunchtime I saw a posting on the Morley Observer Facebook page, with a picture of Ellie, saying she had been found dead on Peel Street nearby.”

She added: “It’s so sad, but the worst part is that my other rabbit, Peter, has been with Ellie since they were babies. I feel so sorry for him, he just looks so sad now.”

To add to her distress, Ellie’s owner has since heard several rumours regarding suspicious circumstances as to how Ellie died.

However, Morley police said that these rumours were unsubstantiated.

PC Paul Coates said: “A rabbit was stolen and recovered. Upon attending, the RSPCA believe the rabbit could have died of natural causes.

“No suspect has yet been identified.”

Mrs Bunting said: “ I would like to help everyone for all their help and support and hope that we find someone.

“ If anyone knows anything, I hope this will spur them on to come forward.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police non-emergency number 101.