Tax credit motion passed by council

Morley Town Council has unanimously passed a motion declaring its opposition to tax credit cuts made by the government.

Critics argue that changes to the system, which tops up pay for those on low incomes, could leave working families worse off as a result, with the starting threshold at which someone can claim the credits reduced to from £6,420 a year to under £4,000. Child tax credits will also be altered, with parents now only being able to claim money for two children.

Morley Borough Independents leader Coun Robert Finnigan, who supported the candidacy of Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns at the General Election, said: “There is no doubt that Welfare Reform is necessary and that the present system is not sustainable.

“Many of the proposed welfare reform changes – such as the introduction of Universal Credit – will reward families by allowing them to keep more of what they earn before losing their benefits. This supports hard working families but the proposed Tax Credit changes will leave many Morley families worse off. You should not penalise people for making positive choices.”

Ms Jenkyns admitted she had concerns about the changes but said it was right for the government not to subsidise low pay.

“Under the current system it is too easy for some employers to get away with under-paying their staff,” she told the Observer. It is too easy for families to get stuck in low paid jobs.”