Terminally ill Dr Kate takes her message to the nation

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A terminally ill doctor whose campaign to make patient care in the NHS more personal is taking her message on a whistlestop tour of the nation.

Dr Kate Granger, from East Ardsley, made national headlines earlier this year when she started the HelloMyNameIs campaign, in a bid to ensure that medical professionals introduce themselves to patients before they treat them.

The campaign was conceived after Dr Granger felt alienated by the way doctors and nurses failed to say their name before they assessed her, after she was diagnosed with a rare and terminal cancer in 2011.

Her message went viral on Twitter and was backed by the Prime Minister and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Now she is in the middle of touring the UK with her husband Chris and meeting healthcare professionals f to tell her story and hopefully leave a lasting legacy .

Dr Granger, 33, told the Observer: “I think the most powerful way of getting the message out is for me to go and have direct face to face contact with people.

“There’s lots of engagement and lots of excitement, especially on Twitter. I want to use my experience of being ill to improve care for other patients

The tour, which will finish in Bedford later this week will conclude an extremely busy month for Dr Granger , who received her MBE from the Queen on June 12, having been included in the New Year’s Honours List.

Reflecting on the day, she said: “It’s a real blur in my memory now.

“But it was a lovely day and I’m very proud of it.

“It’s amazing to think I’ve received one at my age but it was for patient care and that’s what I’m passionate about and that’s what I care about.”