Think before you drink this New Year’s Eve, say NHS bosses

Date:14th January 2010.'Ambulances at Leeds General Infirmary Jubilee Wing.
Date:14th January 2010.'Ambulances at Leeds General Infirmary Jubilee Wing.

People going out drinking on New Year’s Eve are being urged to behave responsibly to cut alcohol-related hospital admissions.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service bosses say the night is their busiest of the year because of a rise in injuries and illness linked to drinking and have appealed to people to stay safe and only call 999 in a genuine emergency.

Dr Julian Mark, Yorkshire Ambulance Service executive medical director, said: “We don’t want to spoil anyone’s night but we are asking those who are out and about on New Year’s Eve to think before each drink and stay safe to ensure they don’t put their own health or that of others at risk. We want everyone to enjoy their celebrations safely and sensibly.

“People can help themselves to have an enjoyable night and stay well. All it requires is to be aware of how much you’re drinking, eat beforehand, plan ahead for transport home and look after yourself and your friends.”

“Most of all please remember the 999 number should only be used in serious medical emergencies and people should use the service responsibly to help ensure our valuable resources are available for those who need them most.”

People with non-urgent problems can call the NHS helpline 111, go to an NHS walk-in centre or see their GP or pharmacist.

Dr Mark added that the ambulance service would prosecute anyone who was verbally or physically abusive towards its staff.