Ticket tout warning for Leeds Festival fans

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Music fans are being urged to steer clear of rogue ticket agents and touts as the build-up continues to this year’s Leeds Festival.

Event organisers have issued a five-point guide that they hope will stop people being ripped off as they scramble for a place in the crowd to see the likes of The Libertines and Metallica.

Key pieces of advice from Festival Republic include:

* Do not buy from internet auction sites;

* Do not buy a ticket online without seeing its face value;

* Do not pay more than an £8 booking fee per weekend ticket or £7 per day ticket.

Festival Republic are warning that people ignoring their pointers “are likely to pay a lot of money for something worthless” as their ticket could end up being invalid.

In previous years, weekend tickets for the annual event have been on sale on eBay for as much as £400 – more than double their face value at the time.

For full ticket advice and information on authorised sellers, visit the www.leedsfestival.com website.

Official agents in Leeds include city centre stores Crash Records and Jumbo Records.

The festival will take place over the August Bank Holiday weekend at Bramham Park, near Wetherby.

Weekend tickets for this year’s event cost £205 while day tickets are £59.50.

A Leeds City Council report on last year’s festival has revealed concerns about taxis speeding through the nearby village of Thorner.

The report says details of possible traffic calming measures will be made available at a meeting of the council’s licensing committee in early August.