Tingley couple’s anger over homes development

Jean Garlick with her view of green fields which will be obscured if a new housing development gets planning permisson. (d607b240)
Jean Garlick with her view of green fields which will be obscured if a new housing development gets planning permisson. (d607b240)

A COUPLE have said their retirement has been spoiled after permission was granted for a development of 12 houses to be built next to their Tingley home.

Mrs Jean Garlick and husband Keith bought and moved into their home, on Waterwood Close, in July 2010.

Mrs Garlick, 69, said: “We moved from a house where we had been for 20 years and liked having a nice piece of land at the back.

“We thought this house would be ideal as, again, there was a nice piece of land that we could enjoy.”

But just four months after settling into their new, quiet home, they discovered a planning application had been submitted to build 14 houses on the land.

Mrs Garlick said: “I’m so aggrieved.

“We moved in the July and the application went in in the November.

“We came here for our retirement in a quiet location. We didn’t want to live on an estate, but with the building of these houses and another development possibility on Westerton Road, that’s exactly what we’re going to be in the middle of.”

Leeds City Council has granted permission to build 12 houses, not 14, along with an access road, at Waterwood Close.

It is now considering another application, by a different developer, to build a further 14 houses on Westerton Road and if that development gets the green light Mrs Garlick’s quiet and private home will become surrounded by four and five-bedroom houses.

Mrs Garlick, who went to last week’s Plans Panel meeting and spoke against the development, said: “It’s just so annoying.

“It’s a nice peaceful bit of land at the back of our home, just what we wanted when we retired.

“We weren’t aware that the people who own the land had put in three previous applications in 1999, 2002 and 2005 – which were all refused.

“If we’d have known that then there is no chance we would have bought this house.

“Some might think that 12 houses isn’t so bad, but we live in a cul-de-sac where there are nine houses, then they’ll build another 12, making it 21, then the Westerton Road development if granted would bring a further 14 houses, making it 35 properties.

“There will be houses at both sides of what is at the moment a private house.

“The lorries will be coming up and down, people walking past, there will be no privacy at all.

“We only have a small garden and that will be totally overlooked.

“And with space at schools, facilities and such, I can’t see how it is at all sustainable.”

She continued: “It’s going to be a building site for however long, there’s be lots of dust, mess and lorries coming up and down.

“I think with this one, there’s nothing more that can be done.

“The Westerton Road application goes to Plans Panel in November and we can put in our objections, but it seems that nobody cares.

“One thing I cannot understand logically is with the financial situation the way it is there are houses on the market now that can’t seem to be sold, so what’s the point in allowing all this building?

“I tried everything I can think of, but there’s nothing more that can be done.”