Tingley mums united in fight against breast cancer

Joanne Harker and Bev Gent held their strawberry tea party in East Ardsley.
Joanne Harker and Bev Gent held their strawberry tea party in East Ardsley.

Three mums from Tingley have hosted a strawberry tea party after being united by their fight against breast cancer.

Joanne Harker, Bev Gent and Tracey Crowther raised over £300 at the party in aid of Breast Cancer Care last Week at St Michael’s Church in East Ardsley.

The mums originally met at Westerton Primary School where their children are pupils.

Mum-of-two Mrs Harker is the first of the three to complete treatment. She was 38 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago.

She said: “It was a massive shock. I thought I was going to die.”

Mrs Harker was scared about leaving her young daughter Liberty, son Harry and husband behind.

“I sat and read a book about ‘Mummy’s Lump’ to my little boy. It was really upsetting. But it helped him understand why I’d be losing my hair. And why I couldn’t hug him after radioactive treatment. Even now when I get back from appointments he asks if he can hug me.”

Mrs Harker was then introduced to another mum Bev Gent, who was also battling the disease.

“We started chatting about treatment. It was just good to have somebody who understands”, said Mrs Harker.

Then they heard another mum, Tracey Crowther had been diagnosed so Mrs Harker texted her offering support.

“It’s great to help people. It’s dreadful to be there but it’s a memory now.”

Mrs Harker finished her treatment successfully last summer, Mrs Gent has almost finished her treatment and Tracey is still receiving chemotherapy.

Now the optimistic mums, who were overwhelmed by the support for their strawberry tea party, are hoping to run an annual event to raise money and awareness of Breast Cancer.

Mrs Harker said: “There are so many types and strains of breast cancer as well as treatment. It’s a mine field.”