Village parking problems could ‘cause accident’

Shirley Killen on Town Street, Gildersome. (d611a504)
Shirley Killen on Town Street, Gildersome. (d611a504)

A Gildersome woman believes that parking problems and speeding on the village’s main street could lead to an accident.

Shirley Killen, of Scott Green Drive, said that motorists who park on Town Street’s bus stops and outside Gildersome Primary School pose a risk to emergency vehicles passing and children crossing the road.

Shirley Killen on Town Street. (d611a504)

Shirley Killen on Town Street. (d611a504)

She also slammed drivers who try to overtake on the narrow 20mph road.

“If an ambulance was five minutes late because the road was blocked than that could mean someone’s life,” she said.

Mrs Killen said she had an altercation a few weeks ago with a driver who parked at the bus stop to buy fish and chips.

She said the woman was dismissive to her when she questioned why she had parked in the bay and blocked traffic.

“She was really, really out of order.

“I’m really concerned there could be an accident if things stay the same.

“It really is a dangerous situation.”

Coun Bob Gettings (Morley Borough Independents, Morley North) said Gildersome did have traffic problems but that they were not any worse than anywhere else in the town.

He said: “If people would obey the regulations and perhaps if more parents walked their children to school there would be less of a problem, but it is the same in every part of Morley. It does cause chaos but only for a short period of time when the school closes.”

He suspected it was mostly drivers from outside of the village that did not pay attention to the speed limit and said the majority of drivers did respect other road users.