Try old game and help Ghurkas at Yorkshire Day festival

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A game first played by bored farmers in Churwell during the Bronze Age will be brought back to life this weekend to celebrate Yorkshire Day in the town.

John Adams, from Churwell, will be setting up a stall at Morley’s Ee By Gum Festival this Saturday and hopes people will stop by to play the ancient game while also finding out more about the Ghurka Welfare Trust, of which he is a big supporter.

Mr Adams said: “Back then, they used a field and wild pigs to play the game, using small amounts of pig trotters as currency.

“A minature version of the game will be played this Saturday - come along and findout more.”

Mr Adams hopes the game will also draw visitors’ attention to the Ghurka Welfare Trust, which raises funds for former Ghurkas and their families.

Mr Adams said: “There are around 10,500 of them or their widows still alive who didn’t receive a pension from our government as they didn’t serve the required 15 years.

“We are the only charity that is in Nepal 365 days a year. We have built medical centres, care homes and schools.

“They are known as the bravest or the brave - even by British soldiers, but now they are the poorest of the poor.

“I will be standing on their behalf on Saturday August 1.”

The Ee By Gum Festival will take place along Queen Street throughout Saturday with many attractions, stalls, games and much more.