UPDATED: ELECTION 2015: All seats held in Morley and Ardsley

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There’s no change for Morley North, Morley South and Ardsley and Robin Hood as all three councillors were re-elected for a seat on Leeds City Council.

The Morley Borough Independents hold the Morley North ward with Coun Bob Gettings keeping his seat.

Labour’s Coun Neil Dawson retains his seat in Morley South and Coun Jack Dunn, Labour, held Ardsley and Robin Hood.

Coun Dunn has held his seat with a majority of 719.

The Conservative Party’s Timothy Adam Atkin, who was not present, received 3,582 votes, followed by UKIP’s David Daniel with 2,238.

Coun Dunn said: “I really appreciate the electorate of Ardsley and Robin Hood for giving me once more a chance to go forward.

“I’ve got plans to continue defending our green field sites against inappropriate development, to get young people involved in local democracy and carry on supporting our residents.”

Coun Dunn added that Conservative Mr Atkin’s failure to attend showed “contempt” for the electorate, praising UKIP’s David Daniel for turning up even in poor health.

He added: “It’s been a long night and a sad one, as our (former) MP Ed Balls lost his seat, but we will keep the torch burning (for Labour) in Ardsley and Robin Hood.”

Residents of Morley North also stuck with a familiar face.

Bob Gettings (Morley Borough Independents) won the seat for the third time with a comfortable majority of 1,766.

He received 4,271 of the votes, followed by Labour’s Mark James Sewards at 2,505.

Coun Gettings said: “I’m feeling very pleased that I’ve been elected for the third time.”

The former Woodkirk teacher and Bruntcliffe deputy head added: “I’ve lived and worked in the ward all my teaching life. It’s nice to have lots of respect and nice to know all the hard work over the last eight weeks has been appreciated.

“I just appreciate the responsibility and the support that they’ve given me because I taught lots of people and their children who are now adults and voters. It’s nice during the election to meet them at polling stations.

“I look forward to looking after their interests.”

Coun Gettings added that he was the Children’s Champion for Leeds, so was particularly interested in the prospects of young people.

The people of Morley South ward made up their minds about who will represent them.

Neil Dawson (Lab) held his seat with a majority of 548.

Coun Dawson achieved a total of 3,071 votes, with Morley Mayor Wyn Kidger (Morley Borough Independents) trailing behind at 2,523.

For four years Coun Dawson has campaigned with Labour colleagues for road safety improvements in Morley, creating 20 mph zones and has encouraged investment into the town centre.

He also made his voice heard against proposed traveller sites at Morley’s railway station and housing developments at Owlers Farm, Low Moor Farm and Bruntcliffe Road.

The ward’s local election turnout was 60.89 per cent.

Morley South result - Lab hold

Neil Dawson (LAB) 3,071

Wyn Kidger (MBI) 2,523

Kathleen Ann Tempest (CON) 2,096

Lindon Dove (UKIP) 1,708

Claire Hawker (GREEN) 370

John Urno MacArthur (LIB DEM) 203

Neil Cussons (TUSC) 107

Morley North result - MIB hold

Bob Gettings (MIB) 4271

Mark James Sewards (LAB) 2505

Sophie Ann Tempest (CON) 2496

Samuel Stead (UKIP) 1,487

Deborah Feeney (GREEN) 354

Peter Richard Andrews (LIB DEMS) 263

Karen Cussons (TUSC) 78

Ardsley and Robin Hood result - Lab hold.

Jack Dunn (LAB) 4,301

Timothy Adam Atkin (CON) 3,582

David Daniel (UKIP) 2,238

Jude Imidiran (GREEN) 399

Victoria Bishop-Row, (LIB DEM) 373

As a result of the local elections in Leeds, the make-up of the city council is as follows:

Labour [LAB]: 63 seats (no change)

Conservative [CON]: 19 seats (up from 18)

Lib Dem [LD]: 9 seats (no change)

Morley Borough Independents [MBI]: 5 seats (no change)

Green (Gr) 3 seats (no change)