Upgrade boost for Morley station

AFTER considerable lobbying by councillors, Passenger Transport Authority Metro has agreed to upgrade facilities at Morley Low Station.

Moves began two years ago, initiated by Morley Town Council highways committee. Since then, periodic site meetings have been held between council and Metro representatives.

The car park is to be revamped with the addition of cycle stands, jointly funded by the Town Council and Leeds City Council, and more spaces for those with disabilities.

Security at the station will also be improved by introducing better lighting and the installation of a CCTV camera. And better fencing will be erected around the station to prevent children gaining access to the tracks.

Morley's city councillors have also pressed for improvements to be carried out, and the news was welcomed by Coun Debra Coupar (Lab, Morley South), who said: "We have been lobbying for some time for these improvements so I am delighted that Metro has finally agreed to undertake the work.

"Security at the station has been inadequate for some time but once installed, the better lighting and the CCTV camera will make passengers feel a lot safer.

"The improvements to the car park will make it much easier for disabled travellers to use the station and hopefully the cycle stands will persuade more people to cycle and leave their cars at home.

"This project will greatly improve the station and hopefully convince more people to travel by train and reduce traffic congestion and helping us make Morley a better place to live."