VIDEO: Footage of flash flooding in Leeds

Dramatic footage posted online shows how the torrential rain caused flash floods in Morley last night.

Motorist Stephen Bates captured cars driving through the deep water on the town’s High Street, which built up in a matter of minutes in the deluge which swept the region.

File photo.

File photo.

He said: “I was just shocked by it all. I live at the top of Morley High street and when I pulled off the roundabout to drive up my street I couldn’t believe what I was presented with.

“I also drove up towards Morley Asda and at the junction next to the Cross Keys pub, Mermaids fish and chips restaurant and the entrance to Asda’s car park it was equally is bad.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before in Morley or indeed anywhere in Leeds so I had to try and capture it.

“It was nice to see that the good folk of Morley were in such good spirits mind with banter flying at me left, right and centre as I stood there with my umbrella filming what lay before me.

He added: “I now carry an inflatable dinghy in the boot of my car just in case.”

The flooding eased later on in the night, as the storm drains caught up with the lessening rainfall.

A severe weather warning remains in place today across Yorkshire, but the rain is expected to move east in the afternoon.