VIDEO: Man survives explosion at his Tingley home

A man miraculously survived a gas blast which blew the roof of his house in Tingley.

Fire crews were called to the one-bedroom bungalow in The Crescent after neighbours heard a huge explosion and saw 10ft-high flames lapping the roof at around 9.30am this morning.

Gas explosion at a bungalow on The Crescent in Tingley. (D532A421)

Gas explosion at a bungalow on The Crescent in Tingley. (D532A421)

Incredibly, the resident managed to walk out of the house - despite the force of the bang, which blew off roof tiles and windows out.

He was seen by neighbours receiving oxygen from paramedics in the street, before being taken to hospital.

His wife was not thought to have been in their home at the time.

Next-door neighbours Joyce and Barry Bedford heard the blast as they watched TV this morning.

Retired Barry, 74, said: “I heard this almighty bang. I went straight to the window and as I looked out I could see flames and smoke.

“I grabbed Joyce and pulled her out of the house and into the street where we could see huge flames and smoke everywhere.

“Everyone was out in the street, calling the fire brigade, looking to see what was going on.

“The roof tiles were all over the place, it was smoky and black and there were massive flames.”

Wife Joyce, aged 70 and also retired, said they had been told they couldn’t go back to their house until given the all-clear.

She added: “It was as if someone threw a bomb into the building. It was an inferno.

“I don’t know how he got out of there alive.”

Another neighbour who did not wish to be named said: “I tried to get to the house but the fire was too strong, I couldn’t get near.”

While neighbour Amanda Swift, 43, said: “I was driving down the road at about 9.30am when I just heard this big bang and saw these huge flames and smoke everywhere.

“The roof had been blown off, it was horrific.

“I called the fire brigade and they turned up, along with the police and then an ambulance.

“I didn’t think anyone could survive the blast but I saw the fire brigade leading a man out of the house. He seemed OK, he was walking.”

Northern Gas Networks confirmed the blast was caused by a gas explosion.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said: “One male walked out of the property and has been transported to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and burns to his arms.

“Three nearby properties were evacuated as a result of the fire.

“A structural engineer is in attendance.”