Warning after car criminals target Churwell

Extra patrols will be out in Churwell after the spate of thefts.
Extra patrols will be out in Churwell after the spate of thefts.

Police are urging car owners in Churwell to be on their guard after a spate of thefts from cars in the area.

Over the last few days, Churwell has been targeted by car crime criminals who overnight have targeted insecure vehicles parked on private driveways in and around Daffil Road, Daffil Avenue , Old Road, New village Way and the immediate surrounding area.

Other vehicles, that the owners state were locked, did not show any signs of forced entry.

Leeds Crime Reduction Officer Nick Whitcombe, said: “Offenders undoubtedly will be using the many snickets and footpaths to aid their movements. We ask that residents ensure their valuables are removed from vehicles and they are secured properly.

“These criminals will take advantage of any opportunity so keep windows and doors locked and where possible prevent access to the rear of your premises, bolting and padlocking any side gates.

“If during the night residents have the opportunity to look out and scan the area outside their premises and that of their neighbours then please do so. Report immediately any suspicious activity making a note of any distinctive clothing and directions of travel.”

Certain streets have been identified and Churwell is now a police Optimal Area, which will result in added police patrols.

A Crime Reduction letter drop has also been instigated whereby residents can take note of additional advice and tips on a host of crime reduction subjects.