Warning after cats poisoned by antifreeze

Cat owners are being warned to be on their guard.
Cat owners are being warned to be on their guard.

A Tingley cat owner is wanting to warn others to be on their guard after his cat was rushed to the vet due to being poisoned by antifreeze.

Alan Jones of Fairleigh Crescent said his eight year old cat, Jasper, went missing for two days before “dragging himself” home.

Mr Jones said: “He went missing on December 27 and turned up home on December 30.

“I rushed him straight to the vets who did tests and within 10 minutes they confirmed Jasper had been poisoned by antifreeze.

“The test was off the scale - antifreeze crystallises the kidneys and they just go limp.

“The vet said that it tastes sweet to cats, which is why they drink it.”

And Mr Jones said Jasper isn’t the first to be poisoned on his street.

“My neighbour’s seven-month-old cat had to be put to sleep on Christmas Eve after drinking antifreeze.

“I can’t point the finger and I don’t know who is doing it, but I just want to warn people that it’s happening and to keep a watchful eye as much as you can on your cats.

“If you noticed anything wrong, get them to the vet straight away.”