West Yorkshire Police release ‘12 tips of Christmas’

Police and a Calderdale Council Community Warden patrollling Halifax town centre
Police and a Calderdale Council Community Warden patrollling Halifax town centre

West Yorkshire Police have released a leaflet offering tips on how to keep yourself and your valuables safe this Christmas.

Here are the 12 tips of Christmas:

1. Remove temptation

Don’t leave valuable items or Christmas presents in full view through your window. Take away the temptation for potential thieves.

2. Be neighbourly

By looking out for each other you can keep your neighbourhood a safer place. Neighbourhood Watch is a free scheme that enables you to share information with other people on your street and support each others in keeping crime down in your community. For more information contact Diane.Winder@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk.

3. Don’t make it easy for them

A potential burglar knows to look for a hidden door key near the front entrance. Don’t hide spare keys under a rock, plant pots or above door ledges. If you really need to leave a key, leave it with a trusted neighbour.

4. Reducing the pay off

Use security markers or a UV pen to mark your property. Register your items on www.immobilise.com.

5. Burglar proofing

The use of a house alarm, anti snap locks, trember alarms or sash jammers will all make the task of getting into your home much harder.

6. Lock up, don’t lose out

Always lock your door, even when you are in. This way you can stop a potential sneak thief taking a chance on you leaving something valuable out, whilst you’re in another room.

7. Shopping

Keep an eye on your items when you’re out shopping, don’t leave your wallet in your back pocket, ensure your bag is zipped or closed and don’t leave your handbag in your shopping trolley or on the back of a chair.

8. Don’t make your car a target

When out shopping use a well lit car park and never leave valuable items, shopping bags or Christmas presents on display in your car.

9. Keep your pin private

Always keep your bank pin number secret. When withdrawing cash from a machine , cover your pin and be aware of your surroundings.

10. Use online security

The festive period is traditionally a time when charities seek donations. Most are legitimate but be aware that fraudsters do exist. Do not click on links in emails , instead type the website address in manually and look for the padlock symbol so you can be sure you are on the official secure site.

11. Protect payments

Always use recommended methods of payment , rather than transferring money directly to the seller for online purchases.

12. Take action on fraud

Ensure you Install virus software and remember to keep it up to date. If you feel you’ve been a victim of fraud call Action Fraud on 0300 1232040.