Will Brexit day become a national holiday?

'Brexit Clifford' son of MP Jenkyns.
'Brexit Clifford' son of MP Jenkyns.

Andrea Jenkyns, Morley MP wishes to celebrate 'Brexit Day' with her son nicknamed 'Brexit Clifford' who was born on the same day that Article 50 was triggered.

Morley MP Andrea Jenkyns declared in parliament she wants to celebrate national Brexit Day next year.

MP Andrea Jynkns at the Houses of Parliament.

MP Andrea Jynkns at the Houses of Parliament.

Her son Clifford was born last March 29 on the day Article 50 was triggered, prompting him to adopt nickname “Brexit Clifford.”

The MP told the Commons: “As the Prime Minister is aware my son, Clifford, was born on 29th March last year, the day we triggered article 50.

“For this year’s party I have only ordered one cake - a Paddington cake - but next year I will be buying two.

“One to celebrate my son’s birthday and another to celebrate us leaving the European Union.

“I would like to congratulate the Prime Minister on her excellent leadership, getting us to this stage, and next year can I save her a slice of Victoria sponge to celebrate Brexit day?” added the Morley and Outwood member.

The PM confirmed she would be very happy to share some cake with the local MP and her son.

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