William Hague visits Morley business owners

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Former Conservative leader William Hague has said the balance between big businesses and independent shops in Morley is an important one to strike.

On a visit to the town, the former Foreign Secretary had a meeting with voters and business owners from the area and said that Morley had been “helped by Conservative policies”.

Mr Hague who is standing down as an MP at the next General Election said: “We’ve done a lot to help businesses already: we’ve got the lowest rates and we’ve reduced their National Insurance contributions. This is really helping small businesses, so Morley is exactly the sort of town that is being helped by Conservative policies. In fact there are 17,000 more businesses in Yorkshire and Humberside than there were four years ago. I think we are succeeding in that but if we go back to policies of higher taxation and less pro-business policies which I’m afraid is what MP here Ed Balls stands for, then that would be a disaster for local business.”

Ed Balls responded: “I am determined that businesses here in Morley shouldn’t just be left to sink or swim. So I have campaigned to back local businesses with our pioneering free wifi trial with O2. And I want to see more support coming through nationally too. So Labour will keep Britain’s corporation tax rates at the lowest in the G7, but instead of another corporation tax cut for big firms next year, our economic plan will use the money to cut business rates for small businesses here in Morley and right across Britain. That is a proper pro-business policy.”

After being impersonated by David Cameron at the Conservative Party Conference, Mr Hague said he thought the Prime Minister’s impression skills were “pretty good”.

“I think it’s the first time a Prime Minister has impersonated one of his Cabinet in his speech,” he added.