Yorkshire heart charity says make your working lunch a walking lunch

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Yorkshire-based national charity Heart Research UK is gearing up to get people on their feet in its first-ever corporate walk in Leeds city centre on Friday.

The charity is urging people to turn their working lunches into walking lunches, and the corporate walk event comes after a recent survey by the charity Get Britain Standing suggested that around 40% of us spend less than half an hour a day on our feet at work.

Recent news articles have also highlighted that our modern-day sedentary lifestyles could be putting us at more risk of type-2 diabetes, heart disease and poor mental health.

While hitting the gym after work is beneficial for both our hearts and minds, our sedentary behaviours throughout the rest of the day need a major over-haul to safeguard our health. By reducing your time being inactive you could be helping to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check while reducing weight gain and your risk of developing insulin resistance.

The Leeds Healthy Heart Corporate Walk begins in Park Square at noon on July 17 and walkers can join at hubs along the route. Entry is £2 and they get a wrist band and walkers’ pack as well as exercise and advice hubs along the way.

The event is part of Heart Research UK’s campaign to get people more active and reduce their risk of heart disease and related illnesses like type-2 diabetes. Standing more at work and maximising your steps could be easier than you think so Heart Research UK has come up with tips to help people fit in those all-important 10,000 steps each day.

People can turn working lunches into walking lunches by:

- Getting out for just half an hour at lunchtime will leave you feeling refreshed for a more productive afternoon

- Step outside of the office for meetings and catch ups over lunch or coffee, but don’t let that tempting cake accompaniment undo your good intentions

- Hold your own corporate walk days throughout the year and make them part of your office calendar

Other things people can consider are:

• Get your commute in gear

- Commit to cycling or walking to work if possible to fit some exercise into your day

- Get off the bus a couple of stops early and walk the rest of the way

- Take the stairs up to your office instead of the lift to get your heart pumping faster

• Stand up

- Hold standing meetings to keep everyone alert and on their toes

- Don’t send that email- get up and talk to colleagues instead, you’ll gain much more from a chat

- Take phone calls on your feet to maximise your standing time

- Use the toilets on a different floor or the other side of the building for more steps away from the desk

For further information please contact Chris Child on 0113 297 6207