Cleansing problems

I AGREE with the observations made by MJS in last week's edition, there is far too much opportunist photographs from councillors trying to convince the voting public that they are worth voting for.

I also note that in your letters page, you quite often have letters from a Lisa Drake, of Liversedge.

As a resident if Liversedge, she has a lot to say about the goings on in Morley!

It may interest your readers to know that Lisa Drake actually works for Coun Robert Finnigan.

Personally I would give more credit to those councillors who actually task the Council and ask why, when there are so many more Council Tax paying residents in the area, that we still don't seem to be able to afford an effective cleansing department?

If the members of Morley Borough Independents had the people of Morley at heart they would not stand against one of their past members, but no, time to get in another puppet for MBI, another glorified street cleanser, that will be as ineffective as his colleagues have been.

No doubt members of Gildersome and Churwell Action Groups will be getting a visit from Bob Gettings before the elections, which will be a first - so much for supporting the local people.

Disgruntled Resident