LETTER: Batley estate is being blighted by yobs

Wilton Estate, Batley.  (d601k345)
Wilton Estate, Batley. (d601k345)

I write as a concerned resident of Batley’s Wilton estate.

What should be quiet and peaceful evenings are blighted with the noise and nuisance of these vehicle being ridden dangerously.

No lights, often no helmet and almost certainly no insurance.

There are safety issues to the riders themselves, other residents, and a risk of accidents affecting the law-abiding vehicle owners on the estate.

These occur with an atmosphere of intimidation and threat that prevents people from reporting incidents to the police, for fear of being targeted afterwards.

We residents have a decision to make.

Do we simply say nothing, do nothing and let a tiny minority ruin the estate with their illegal and dangerous behaviour?

Or do we work together with the relevant agencies to eradicate this menace and let ordinary people get back living their lives quietly and peacefully?

To the parents and relatives of those riders: Are you happy that your family members are behaving like this?

Owning bikes costs money and they need to be stored somewhere, so others must know what is going on.

I know that the offenders doing this are known to many people.

I’ve spoken to people who are near neighbours and they know who own the bikes and who rides them.

However, they are reluctant to report information.

Of course, the police cannot watch every road on the estate 24/7.

What they need is intelligence.

They need to know who is riding these bikes, and where they live.

With information they can then target the offenders swiftly.

I appeal to anyone with information to contact the police directly, as it can be given in confidence.

Alternatively, information can also be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Let’s get our estate back to what it should be – a place where families can live in peace and safety.

We need to stop the actions of a tiny minority wanting to destroy this.

Name and address supplied