LETTER: Decision to axe care homes is ‘just the beginning’

Siegen Manor on Wesley Street in Morley. (D512A447)
Siegen Manor on Wesley Street in Morley. (D512A447)

To say there has been consultation over the axe on care homes including Siegen Manor (Morley Observer September 28) is nothing short of ludicrous.

A consultation is when you discuss with people, seek advice and information then make a decision.

The decision to axe the care homes has already been made.

I challenge Leeds City Council decision-making executive board to show any evidence of opinions in favour of closure of Siegen Manor.

However, Councillor Rebecca Charlwood is correct in saying that the Leeds Authority has lost over £200million over six years due to this Conservative government’s cuts.

So ultimately the blame lies with MP Andrea Jenkyns and her Government who continually expect the weak, poor and vulnerable to pay the price for a financial crisis that they did not create.

The people of Morley are also responsible as they voted for a Tory Government that is intent on destroying social care.

Be very afraid because the NHS is next.

Barry Norman, Moorside, Drighlington