‘Youths on mopeds terrorised us as we rode our horses through Mirfield’

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A rider has said she was left “frightened and distressed” after youths on mopeds “deliberately” spooked the horses she and her friend were riding.

Barbara Dennison and Helen Crowther were on Steanard Lane in Mirfield at around 4.30pm on Sunday when six young people drove up behind them revving their engines.

The noise spooked the horses causing them to dart sideways along the road.

Mrs Dennison, 50, said: “I thought, when they see us, they will slow down. Helen signalled to them to do so but they stayed about 20 yards behind revving their engines and laughing hysterically.

“The horses were all over the road. They didn’t bolt but were terrified.

“One of the youths revved his engine and did a wheelie past us.”

The women managed to flag down the help of a car driver to call the police, as the bikers turned off down Boat House Lane.

Mrs Dennison, of Durkar, Wakefield, continued: “Luckily we managed to eventually dismount safely and lead the horses to the yard.

“But the whole experience was frightening and distressing. The youths really didn’t have any regard for the horses, us or other road users.

“They could see the effect they were having on us and the horses but they weren’t at all concerned. I don’t think they would have cared if we had got seriously injured.

“It was the deliberate and intimidating nature of their actions that was most disturbing.”

Cars from both directions were forced to stop until the horses settled.

Mrs Dennison is appealing to motorists and pedestrians who saw the incident to come forward with information.

She added: “We would like to extend our thanks to the lady who stopped to help us and who we think might have the surname Sanderson.”

Witnesses can contact Dewsbury and Mirfield Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 referencing log 1178 of Sunday, October 4.