Howson in emotional return ‘home’

Jonny Howson in action in his Leeds United days.
Jonny Howson in action in his Leeds United days.

Morley footballer Jonny Howson has spoken about feeling emotional when he returned to Elland Road as a Norwich City player and scored one of his side’s two goals in their 2-0 victory over Leeds United.

The 26-year-old former Bruntcliffe High School student and Churwell Lions junior was making his first return to the ground as a Norwich player since leaving in a £2 million move that angered fans at the time and was pleased to get a good reception from home fans.

His decision not to celebrate the goal earned applause from the Leeds crowd and showed the respect the fans still have for their former skipper.

“The reaction was very special and a bit emotional in a way,” said Howson.

“Moments like that are sometimes bigger than ones that happen on the pitch. It was a nice touch.

“I felt as though I didn’t leave on bad terms but you never know what some people’s reactions are.

“I was concentrating on the game rather than anything else and when things happen, they happen in a split second. You don’t maybe mean to do it.

“A few people asked me before the game ‘if you score, would you celebrate?’ It’s something I said I probably wouldn’t do.

“I’ve got a lot of very close friends and family who are still involved with the club and who still work for the club.

“The majority of my life was spent here and I had great times here so it’s out of respect for that.”

Howson admitted his goal would get him some stick from close quarters from his brother.

He added: “He’s a die-hard Leeds fan and he’s never let that go.

“I had a few mates saying they’d come down and give me stick – but it’s all friendly banter.

“I’ve still got a lot of friends and family who follow the club and I’ve still got Leeds in my heart.

“I spent a lot of great years here. It’s where I grew up and I obviously want them to do well.”