Jimmy Cricket's first play No More Fiffen and Faffen on tour - where it's on and how to get tickets

Jimmy  Cricket's play is at Bridlington Spa and Leeds City Varieties
Jimmy Cricket's play is at Bridlington Spa and Leeds City Varieties

Jimmy Cricket’s first play, which got a great reception from the audience on its debut performance, is going on tour.

No more Fiffing and Faffing was staged for the first time in September last year at the Blackburn Empire Theatre.

Appearing with funnyman Jimmy is Jonathan Young from The Bachelors and actor Colin Meredith, who has had several notable appearances in ITV’s Coronation Street..

The show, written by Jimmy, is an hilarious look at the end of an era of British comedy.

It is about a comedy double act called Joe Fiffen and Jerry Faffen on their last night in showbusiness in an end of Pier Show. Set in the Dressing Room, where they settle old scores, and on stage, where the audience share in some of their classic sketches and crossovers.

Luckily stage manager Archie Gibbons is on hand to sort things out, enabling the boys to perform all their best routines for their loyal fans at their Swan Song Show.

It will be an emotional and fun-packed night and it is a mixture of drama and variety.

No More Fiffing and Faffing is at Bridlington Spa on Thursday July 18 at 7.30pm.

Tickets: 01262 678258 or www.bridspa.com

City Varieties, Leeds, Saturday March 7 at 7.30pm.

Tickets: 0113 243 0808 or www.cityvarieties.co.uk