Huge step forward for Dexters


East London band Dexters return with their second album ‘We Paid For Blood’ on September 25 for Acid Jazz and will be promoting it with a tour that brings them to Leeds this autumn.

The first single ‘Stay Strange’ is released today and was recently aired for the first time when the band played to huge crowds at the Isle of Wight Festival this summer.

For an early taste of the album a brand new song ‘Suburban Sex Dungeon’ is available for free now: 

The four piece, who consist of Tom Rowlett (vocals), Ben Debo (guitar), Jamie Harris (bass) and Chris Mardon (drums), have spent the last few years touring consistently, honing their classic yet contemporary sound.

The result is a tight live band who are heading out on a month long UK tour in November. They will be appearing at the Brudenell Games Room, in Leeds, on Wednesday, November 18.

‘We Paid For Blood’ is the follow up to 2013’s ‘Shimmer Gold’ and sees them musically evolved, while still maintaining their raw power and melodies. The album has a much fuller sound – a mixture of The Clash, The La’s, The Replacements, The Wytches and Slaves – although they are much more than the sum of their influences. Fired up by the political situation of 2015 (both personal and public) Rowlett uses these issues lyrically and enhances the urgency of the new record.

Tom said: “We’ve grown as a band, this album is a huge step forward in both sound and lyrics. There’s a message, there’s a social conscience, reacting to what’s happening around us. 

“We love music, being on tour, playing to our fans (and meeting new ones), getting away from the boring side of life; no money, life is hard. This is escapism, it’s fun, it’s rock n roll.”