Jordan Allen set for revealing show in Leeds

Jordan Allen, on their way to Leeds for a gig next month.
Jordan Allen, on their way to Leeds for a gig next month.

Rising stars Jordan Allen will bring their revealing new single to Leeds Key Club next month (Wednesday, December 5).

Touring with cheekily-titled new track ’Naked’, the Bolton band are back in the UK to storm your local indie disco.

With stacks of support from Radio X, 6Music and BBC Introducing, the band will be airing their bold new material at the gigs and promising a well-honed live show as they arrive fresh from their first international dates at Canada’s Indie Week this November.

With sultry shades of Pulp, Friendly Fires and Foals, ‘Naked’ is a hip-swinging and anthemic new addition to Jordan Allen's catalogue. Fitted-out with a chest beating chorus, a cocksure guitar strut and even a 90s Ibiza-inspired break down, the record is engineered to have you let-go your inhibitions and arrives as the band’s most sonically diverse and biggest sounding release to date.

Beyond the brave new stylings and its cheeky title (an in-joke of the band, its original working title was ‘Without Any Clothes’ it would seem), there is of course Jordan’s own particular turn of phrase and compelling bare-all lyrics that make stand him out from the pack.

Speaking about the track’s sensitive subject matter, Jordan said: “‘Naked’ is about how trying to change the way you live your life to suit someone else doesn't not work, not matter how much it feels like they are the right person for you.

"If you can't be yourself with someone, they will never truly get to know you, no matter how much you enjoy each others company or how you think you can or should change to make them think better of you. Towards the end of the track the lyrics ‘you can't believe it, it's going cold, why can't you see that we're juxtaposed" hammer home that this isn't always something the other person will understand or handle particularly well.”’

Much like their adventurous and most radio-played single to date, ‘Synchronised’, which received airplay across Radio X, BBC Introducing, XS Manchester and beyond, ‘Naked’ shows that Jordan Allen are anything but a one trick pony.

As Jordan added: “We want to be don't want to be a band that releases the same song over and over again. Every track has to have a unique style and feel, we want to be a band from which you can expect the unexpected while still capturing the energy we're renowned for when we play live.”

With their live show well-honed after some dates in front of big audiences on tour with The Bluetones and The Sherlocks this autumn, the band will be giving it their all in Toronto before returning home for their own headline UK live dates, including that date in Leeds.