The Pigeon Detectives are up and at ‘em again

The Pigeon Detectives.
The Pigeon Detectives.

Rothwell’s finest The Pigeon Detectives return with a UK Tour and their fifth album, ‘Broken Glances’

Their latest record is a more eclectic LP than previous albums and was recorded with Richard Formby, a producer associated with bands like indie crooners Wild Beasts, leftfield London vocalist Ghostpoet and ‘mind-expanding synth pioneers’ Spaceman 3.

Speaking about the move to work with a more leftfield producer, singer Matt Bowman said: “We wanted to work with someone that would challenge us in the studio and put us out of our comfort zone, not let us take any easy ways out with songs.

“Richard did this and made us change our approach completely from previous records. We ended up ditching a lot of tunes that had a sound that could have been on the first albums as a result.”

Touching on the themes of the album, Matt explains the shift in the band’s outlook: “We’ve spent a decade writing songs for our fans, songs they could scream out loud to and go wild to at gigs! On this album we felt we owed it to them to actually deliver something real that documents the journey we’ve all been on together.

“With this record, we sat back from it a bit and it created more freedom to write without any kind of agenda, and with more emotional ups and downs across the album. That’s why these songs don’t necessarily smack you straight in the face like previous albums.

“But if you listen hard enough and take some time over the’ll realise it’s an ode to everyone that’s ever bought an album or turned up to a show.”

‘Broken Glances’ follows platinum-selling debut record ‘Wait for Me’ (charted at number 3 in the UK album chart), gold selling ‘Emergency’, third record ‘Up Guards and at Em!’ (all released on renowned Leeds label Dance to the Radio), and ‘We met at Sea’ (released through Cooking Vinyl Records).

As with previous albums ‘Broken Glances’ is accompanied by a tour which sees The Pigeon Detectives play Sheffield’s Leadmill on March 7 and finishes with a slot at the Live at Leeds Festival on April 29.

Watch the official video for new song ‘Enemy Lines’ here: