New lease of life for struggling club

EAST Ardsley Horse and Pony Club held its presentation night recently at East Ardsley General WMC, when winners were:

Elizabeth Kinniard, Kay Stalton, Fay Delaney, Sally Porter, Julie Walker, Chelsea Edginton, Emma Atkinson, Sarah Parnaby, Georgina Stanley, Jade Murray, Amy Williamson, Nicola Mellor, Maureen Beales, Gemma Gibson, Kelsey Gibson, Sadie Howard Whittaker, Janice Corcoran, Heather Gomersall, Lynne Carrol Webster, Teresa Shepard, Gemma Watson, Vicky Martin, Louise Carroll Pettit, Hayley Kershaw, Natalie Broxup, Chrystal Chapman, Sarah Jane Barrick, Amy Meecham, Jackie Edginton, Bernadette Carney .

Established more than 20 years ago Ardsley horse and pony club has always held shows for all ages. It gives riders a chance to compete in a friendly environment.

The club had run into financial difficulties a few years ago but after being brought back from the brink of death by dedicated volunteers, committee and the help of local companies as sponsors, it is now thriving with more than double the members.

The new show site will be Swithens Farm, Swithens Lane, Rothwell.