Thackray Museum brings 'Yorkshire Witch' Mary Bateman back to life

THACKRAY Museum is inviting you to listen to some scary tales bringing to life the story of Mary Bateman - also known as the Yorkshire Witch.

The Life and Lies of Mary Bateman' will be taking place on Wednesday, August 19 every hour from 12.30pm with the final performance at 3.30pm.

It will be performed by storytellers Helen Sant and Adrian Spendlow who together will bring to life the gruesome tale.

Born in 1768 in Aisenby, near Thirsk, Mary Bateman developed a history of petty theft and fraud. After moving to Leeds with her husband in 1792 she gained a reputation as a fortune teller and wise woman.

Her story neared its dramatic end when a young couple approached her wanting to be rid of an illness that they thought was a curse.

They gave Mary everything she demanded, including furniture, clothes and money. When the couple fell very ill,it was discovered they were poisoned by a pudding recommended to them by Mary.

She was arrested in October 1808 and left to hang in front of large crowds.

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