Top sitcom still has them laughing their socks off

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Steptoe & Son

Castleford Phoenix Theatre on March 18

Marking 56 years since the very first television broadcast, this production of the classic BBC comedy Steptoe and Son arrives in Castleford as part of a national tour.

The cast is headed by Jeremy Smith and John Hewer taking the roles played by Wilfred Bramble and Harry H Corbett as the loveable rag and bone men Albert Steptoe and his son Harold.

Smith has toured in several productions ranging from farce to Shakespeare while Hewer works as a writer and director, but is best known for his iconic portrayal of Tommy Cooper in “Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show” and for his performance as Tony Hancock in “Hancock’s Half Hour – The Lost Episodes”.

Steptoe and Son ran for eight series from 1962-1974 and spawned two film spin-offs and several guest appearances.

It is fondly remembered as one of the greatest and most influential sit-coms of all time.

Albert and Harold’s hilarious scheming and bickering made them household favourites and they continue to entertain audiences today. This production has been fully endorsed and supported by the original writers, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. And Hambledon Productions have been granted exclusive access to the entire ‘Steptoe and Son’ archive to adapt a range of episodes for the stage in this nostalgic but fresh recreation of original episodes.

“The affection for the original shines through in this fine production. The performances are marvellous!” says Galton.

The show features the classic episodes: Divided We Stand, Men of Letters and Come Dancing and excerpts from The Bath and Steptoe and Son – and Son! The show is produced by Hambledon Productions with permission of Galton and Simpson. Tickets or 01977 664566.